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Rufus, the Rapper

Written by Louise Fleischman and illustrated by Laurie Barrows.
Copyright: October 2010, a publication of Anchor Counseling & Training LLC.


“Rufus is an adorable dog whose life begins on a farm. His adventures take him to unknown places and challenging experiences. Will Rufus be able to find a family who will love and keep him forever?”

This charming adoption story is written for children who have experienced early trauma and family disruption. Many adoption stories focus only on the upside of adoption and fail to address the challenges that children face when transitioning to new homes.

I wrote this story to help children (and parents) understand why trust can be so difficult to develop. All children and young readers can readily identify with the lovable dog, Rufus, as they champion his cause.

Rufus, The Rapper may be purchased directly through the author for $8.99 plus shipping/handling (generally $3.99).

It is also available through for $9.99 plus shipping/handling.

To order copies, please contact:

Louise Fleischman, LCSW-C
Anchor Counseling & Training LLC
7566 Main St., Suite 301
Sykesville, MD 21784
PH 410.707.9676
FAX 888.389.9072

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